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NSFW!!! Contains Dicks & Bonks !

Comissioned FF by maledictus-mortem
sorry for bad grammar
Pyro x Scout


»Here lies Scout. He ran fast and died a virgin ! AHAHAHA!« 
Always the same words from the frenchman mixed together with the loud snorting sounds. Oh how the Scout hated it. But the Spy wasn’t the only one. The other guys called him Kiddo, Runningrat or even Babyface.  One time the engineer even called him fast runni’n Rabbit. »Unbelieveable!!« The scout always thought. He was the youngest man in the team, didnt had a beard or even big muscles. But he was a fast running killing machine. That’s what he said. Always beating the shit out of his enemies with his bat. And he always managed to catch up the intelligence. No doubt, there he was the best. Still there wasnt that much attention from the other guys. Even less when it came out that his mother was fucked in the french way. Oh how he got a big urge to kill this baguette eating, nose stabbing motherfucker. Cutting off his head and playing baseball with it. He got already thousands ideas how to bash this snorting face.

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