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Final rant post before I go on hiatus for now.

It really irks me how our aunt and uncle who lives just a few meters away from us, only about 450 meters or less, wants to open up a hardware store as well and wants us to be the suppliers!?

Like, how disrespectful is that!?

My mom once asked them if they would like to invest, just lend my parents a few money to start up the construction supplies and hardware business. They won’t even have to work and they’ll earn a huge percentage. And they freaking turned it down because they don’t trust in investing their money and now what!?

My parents managed to open a hardware and construction supplies store, without them, and they are doing great. They built connections, heightened their reputation, helped people build homes, and they plan to expand and have us to further the business.

And now our aunt and uncle wants to open up a hardware store as well.

How greedy is that!?

It’s fine if they want to and that they’ll get us as suppliers but really now…. This is just plain disrespectful.

We’re okay with becoming suppliers to our relatives, even if they were assholes to my parents, but this is too much.

We’ll end up competing for customers!

I know my aunt isn’t really a business person but come on! They should know that this idea of theirs is absolutely ridiculous and just plain irritating.

And since it’s come to this I no longer plan to have my eyes checked in my aunt’s clinic nor do I want to buy any glasses from there. I stopped buying contacts from my aunt and I’m glad my sister decided to do so too.

Besides, she made a grave mistake when she examined my mom’s eyes telling my mom that she was near-sighted when in fact she was actually far-sighted. My mom spent lots of money having her eyeglasses fixed until an employee of my aunt pointed out that my mom was not near-sighted and had her glasses be changed.

It really saddens me how we have to compete but they should have known this.

(For this reason I’ll be pretty much off tumblr for a while since we’ll be pretty busy with work… I’ll come back to finish the giveaway though for July 30. And I might have a giveaway when I come back.)



Striped Dolphin 

  • The striped dolphin is extremely active at the surface, performing amazing acrobatics including somersaults, back-somersaults, upside down porpoising, and breaching with leaps three times its length.
  • The striped dolphin body size and shape resembles the short-beaked common dolphin, but the colour pattern is unique; its dorsal side is bluish grey to brownish grey, with a white to pinkish underside.
  • Striped dolphins are curious animals and will also often bow-ride, sometimes approaching from a distance.
  • Striped dolphins feed mostly on small fish, such as cod or lanternfish, and small squid. The largest threats to striped dolphins are bycatch in fishing nets, and intentional hunts, particularly in Taiji, Japan.


My Sisters…

Sisters can be a pain more so than brothers and at times they are often difficult to deal with.

My eldest sister can be outright mean to the point that you wouldn’t want to converse with her and my youngest sister can be too spoiled.

They are hard to understand and communicate with and they can be difficult.


My youngest sister is one of the cutest persons and she’s often helped me to stay sane and often tries to stop me when I start to rage.

My eldest sister would often become my voice. She would tell my parents how I am and tell them when they’ve crossed the line.

And I can’t ask for more.

And for this I wish to give them gifts.

My eldest sister is a huge yaoi fanatic. And is more into the shounen types. I am then looking for an artist whom I can commission to make some yaoi for her. (Characters can be from: Naruto, Junjuo Romantica, Punch up, Love stage, Kuroko no Basuke, Free!, Shingeki no kyojin, or such so long as they are from an anime.)

Now my youngest sister is a fan of Cryaotic. If anyone can make anything of Cry (a fanart, item, or maybe Cry’s face with a source.) Then I’ll be grateful.

I’m willing to pay cash (via Western Union or LBC), Steam games, TF2 items or items from mamo-shop. Name me your price and we’re good.

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